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Unity in the Community

Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund

Unity in the Community - Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund hosted by Kitsap Community Foundation and United Way of Kitsap offers flexible funding to nonprofits in critical need due to COVID-19. Responding to a worldwide virus like COVID-19 is a stressful time for everyone and the stress worsens for those who were already dealing with things like poverty, racism, or violence. We acknowledge community resources that can be of help in these challenging times. Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund offers flexible funding to non-profits and faith-based organizations serving community members with the greatest need.


Funding Focus

The primary focus of our community response funding is to provide grants to organizations to support our community’s core needs:

  • Basic Needs, e.g., food, meals, and resource support for physical/mental/behavioral health services for our most vulnerable neighbors in the community.

  • Nonprofit Needs, e.g., support to nonprofits that are at risk of failing if funding is available in the longer term.

  • Kitsap Racial Equity and Empowerment Fund, e.g., support for culturally relevant programs, services, and activities in Kitsap that are aimed at lessening the inequities caused or exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis in or for communities of color, with an emphasis on the needs of the Black community. Click here for more details on this new funding focus.

We have this opportunity to re-imagine a new normal that maintains safety and connection for all. We can lead this by collaboratively sharing our resources across nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government, and community groups. Let us listen and learn from the wisdom of our resilient community members so that we grow and adapt together while following public health and safety measures to move us towards a thriving state and the local community.


Need More Info?

For general questions about the Kitsap COVID-19 Response Fund, contact:

Stephanie George, Interim President & CEO, Kitsap Community Foundation,
at (360) 698-3622,

or Carl Borg, CEO, United Way of Kitsap County, at (360) 377-8505,

How To Contribute

Contribute to the fund online or mail your check made out to Kitsap COVID-19 Response Fund may be mailed to:
PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383

Our EIN, should you need it, is 94-3205217

If your organization would like to join the coalition as a funding partner, contact Stephanie George, Interim President & CEO, Kitsap Community Foundation, or Carl Borg, CEO, United Way of Kitsap County (contact information is listed above in Need More Info). 

The United Way of Kitsap County and Kitsap Community Foundation will administer grants from the Fund, proactively identifying potential grant recipients, soliciting guidance on potential recipients from community advisors, and recommending final awards. Funds will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, making it possible to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs in subsequent funding phases.


Special Thanks

We'd like to thank the following contributors to the Unity in the Community Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund: Ballmer Group, Columbia Bank, The Fred H. and Mary S. Dore Foundation, First Federal Community Foundation, Medina Foundation, Orchard Foods, Perigee Fund, Puget Sound Energy, Sparky's Fund, Town & Country Markets, and Windermere Foundation.


Other Financial Support Opportunities

If you are interested in donating to a response fund that will be used primarily to support Bainbridge Island organizations and non-profit organizations, you can donate to Bainbridge Community Foundation Community Response Fund. The COVID-19 Temporary Relief Fund has been created by Kitsap Community Resources to address the needs of eligible individuals, families, and small business owners in Bremerton and Kitsap County facing financial difficulties due to the impacts of the coronavirus. The temporary program can provide short-term funds to feed a family, pay for housing, among other aids. Learn more about available help or to donate to the fund: COVID-19 Temporary Relief Fund. ​​ Both the Franciscan Foundation and the Harrison Medical Center Foundation will provide vital assistance to patients affected by COVID-19 and the necessary resources to support our front-line caregivers through donations to the Emergency Support Fund. WA Food Fund is raising money to provide food and supplies to those in need during the COVID-19 crisis, including the elderly, people struggling with health problems or who have lost their jobs, and children who normally depend on school for meals. Every dollar donated helps provide meals for a child or family in need. The Bremer Bond Campaign follows the model of our country's famous war bond campaign during World War II. Just as the attack on Pearl Harbor launched our country's participation in World War II, the Coronavirus and the closure of local businesses triggered the launch of the Bremer Bond Campaign. Available online at, the $100 Bremer Bond has been beautifully designed by local graphic artist Jessica Randklev, and will be printed as a collector's item with the official seal of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce. The Bremer Bond T-shirts have been designed by Sam Enlow of Fingers Duke Design Studio. Ten dollars ($10) from each purchase will be delivered to the Bremer Bond Campaign. BremerBonds can be redeemed after the resumption of normal business operations as deemed by the City of Bremerton. Bonuses can be redeemed through the Chamber for $ 00 in gift certificates and cards at local Bremerton area businesses. Companies interested in providing gift cards to the Bremer Bond Campaign should contact the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds from the sales of the Bremer Bonds will go directly to local companies. Scholarship Junkies is providing COVID-19 Relief Fund for WA Undocumented Folks. Our undocumented community is one of the most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington state. They seek to provide direct financial support to our undocumented community during the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order. Kitsap and North Mason Counties Annual Donation Day, Kitsap Great Give, took place on April 21. 334 worthy causes participated and the overwhelming generosity of the community raised over $2 million with more than 12,000 gifts.

Donate or Volunteer Goods or Services

Kitsap Community Covid-19 Support & Solidarity is a mutual aid group. Anyone can post a public request for help and anyone can respond to the help. Aid requests include assistance with grocery and supplies delivery, company, help discovering social services, and more. If you want to be part of Kitsap's mutual aid effort, we invite you to fill out the admission form or see the mutual aid needs of our community. Learn about Bainbridge Island's Mutual Aid program. ​​​ Catholic Community Services's Volunteer Services assists low-income seniors and disabled adults. Volunteers can take clients to medical appointments; run errands and go shopping; helping out with housework, yard work, pet care, car and home maintenance, computers and phones helps you find benefits and employment; and provide socialization. Call 1-844-851-9380. Do you want to help deliver groceries? Call the City of Poulsbo Volunteer Coordination HELP line at 360-517-5037 and help people confined to your home in Poulsbo with non-medical, non-emergency deliveries, meals and errands. Peninsula Community Health requests donations of medical supplies listed on their Facebook page. ​​ Little Free Pantries (LFP) are free outdoor pantries where neighbors can leave non-perishable food for anyone to take. See the LFP location map. If you use an LFP, add it to the map. Volunteer Kitsap runs a virtual volunteer database site that helps volunteers meet their needs. It currently has more than 3,500 potential registered volunteers and more than 150 agencies on the list. If you are interested in helping the homeless in Kitsap during the COVID-19 crisis, check out this list of needed products and find out which organizations are helping the homeless. The state of Washington is trying to fill the shortage of specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control products to support our medical system, first aid personnel, public health facilities and care. See the list of hospitals in need of PPE donations. Learn how to make PPE. Join the Facebook group for Kitsap mask manufacturers. If you are a military family, join Facebook group for emergency masks of military families.

United Ways of the PNW and Serve Washington have partnered with the Office of Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib to create the Washington Mask Challenge, a statewide initiative to encourage Washingtonians to donate cloth face masks to organizations in need: VolunteerKitsap and United Way of Kitsap County join the effort! The Washington Mask Challenge encourages the public to send homemade masks to verified organizations in need throughout Washington state, such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, food banks, and more.

Lending a Hand

These local groups are hard at work, helping Kitsap residents with their needs during the COVID-19 crisis. We encourage you to add your financial support to the organizations helping in the areas you are most passionate about.